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  (S) (L)
Consomme Soup 2.50
Hot & Sour Soup 3.50 5.50
Egg Drop with Mushroom Soup 3.50 5.50
Wonton with B.B.Q. Pork Soup 3.50 5.50
Chicken with Noodle or Rice Soup 3.00


Thick Noodle with B.B.Q. Pork Soup 4.00 6.00
Mixed Vegetable Chop Suey Soup 3.50 5.50
Sweet Corn Soup 3.5 5.50


Spring Roll
Egg Roll 1.50
B.B.Q. Pork Spareribs
Sweet & Sour Crispy Wonton
Honey Garlic Spareribs


Fried Chicken Wings with Lemon 8.95
Spicy Chicken Wings
Honey Garlic Chicken Wings
Honey Bee Platter (2 Egg Rolls, Sweet & Sour Wonton, Fried Chicken Wings)
Green Salad


Grilled Chicken Salad
Steamed Pork Dumplings (S) 6.00
(L) 11.00

Chop Suey Chow Mein

(Canadian Style Chop Suey Chow Mein - Stirred fried dish with bean sprouts, celery, mushrooms with a bag of dried noodles on the side.)

Vegetable Chop Suey Chow Mein
Beef Chop Suey Chow Mein 12.95
Chicken Chop Suey Chow Mein 9.95
B.B.Q. Pork Chop Suey Chow Mein 9.95
Shrimp Chow Suey Chow Mein 12.95
Scallop Chop Suey Chow Mein 14.95
House Special Chop Suey Chow Mein
(Shrimp, BBQ Pork and Chicken)

Lo Mein Chow Mein

(Cantonese style grilled soft egg noodle at bottom with stirred fried mixed vegetable)

Mixed Vegetable Lo Mein Chow Mein 10.95
Beef with Vegetable Lo Mein Chow Mein 13.95
Chicken with Vegetable Lo Mein Chow Mein 12.00
B.B.Q. Pork with Vegetable Lo Mein Chow Mein 12.00
Shrimp with Vegetable Lo Mein Chow Mein 13.95
House Special Lo Mein Chow Mein
(Shrimp, BBQ Pork and Chicken)
Cantonese Chow Mein Chow Mein 12.95

Oriental Style Omelette

Vegetable & Mushroom Egg Foo Yong 11.50
Chicken or Pork Egg Foo Yong 11.95
Shrimp or Beef Egg Foo Yong 13.95
Scallop Egg Foo Yong 15.95
House Special Egg Foo Yong (Shrimp, B.B.Q. Pork and Chicken) 13.95


Beef with Diced Vegetable and Almond or Cashews 11.75
Beef with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce 11.75
Beef with Mushroom 12.75
Beef with Brocolli 11.75
Beef with Mixed Vegetables 11.75
Beef with Snow Peas 12.75
Beef with Tomato 12.75
Ginger Beef or Beef with Oyster Sauce 12.75

Szechuan & Specialties

= Vegetarian = Hot & Spicy  
Orange Flavoured Chicken or Beef (add $2.00)
Tender Meat with Vegetables, Hot Pepper and Orange Peel.
Szechuan Chicken or Beef (add $2.00) or Shrimp (add $2.00)
Tender Meat with Fresh Vegetables sauteed in House Chili Sauce.
Kung Po Chicken or Beef (add $2.00) or Shrimp (add $2.00)
Tender Meat with Diced Vegetables, Hot Dry Chili and Roasted Almonds or Cashews.
Generals Chicken or Beef (add $2.00)
Slightly Breaded Meat cooked in Delicious Hot Sauce.
Home Style To-Fu
Fresh Mixed Vegetables with lots of Deep Fried To-Fu cooked in Home Made Sauce.
Shanghai Chow Mein
Thick Noodle with Chicken, Shrimp, and Cabbage in House Sauce.
Singapore Style Noodle
Rice Vermicelli with B.B.Q. Pork and Shrimp in Curry Sauce.
Szechuan Mixed Vegetables 9.95
Dai Dop Voy
Sliced Chicken, B.B.Q. Pork and Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables.
Egg Plant with Chicken or Beef (add $2.00) in Garlic Black Bean Sauce 11.95
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables 9.50
Mango Chicken or Beef (add $2.00) 11.50
Mussels in Garlic Black Bean Sauce 11.95
Rice Noodle with Beef in Black Bean Sauce 13.00
Pad Thai
Rice Noodle with Chicken, Shrimps, Egg, Bean Sprout, and Green Onion with Choice of Spicy or Tomato Sauce
Steamed Vegetable & Tofu 9.95

Canadian Food

Club House Sandwich (with French Fries) 12.95
Bacon & Tomato Sandwich 6.00
Chicken Sandwich 6.00
Grilled Cheese Sandwich 5.00
Cheeseburger 7.95
French Fries 4.5
Gravy 1.50
Fish & Chips 10.95
Fried Chicken Wings (with French Fries) 10.50
Breaded Shrimp (with French Fries) 11.50
Cheese Cake 4.95

Curry Dish

Curry with Mixed Vegetables 10.95
Curry Chicken with Onion 11.50
Curry Beef with Onion 12.95
Curry Pork with Onion 11.50
Curry Shrimps with Onion 12.95
Curry Scallops with Onion 15.95
Curry Sauce


Breaded Jumbo Shrimps (with Lemon) 10.50
Shrimps with Diced Vegetables & Almond 11.95
Shrimps with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce 11.95
Shrimps with Mixed Vegetables 11.95
Shrimps with Lobster Sauce 13.95
Scallops with Mixed Vegetables 15.95


Soo Guy (Breaded Chicken with Almonds and Gravy on side) 11.00
Guy Ding (Chicken with Diced Vegetables and Almonds or Cashews) 10.75
Honey Garlic Chicken Balls (Sauce on side) 10.95
Chicken with Brocolli 10.75
Chicken with Mixed Vegetables 10.75
Chicken with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce 11.75
Chicken with Snow Peas 12.50
Lemon Chicken (Sauce on side) 11.00
Lemon Sauce

Sweet & Sour

Sweet & Sour Breaded Spareribs 9.95
Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls 9.95
Sweet & Sour Breaded Shrimps 11.95
Sweet & Sour Crispy Wonton 6.95
Sweet & Sour Breaded Pork 9.95
Sweet & Sour Sauce
(About items Sauce on side except sweet and sour Spareribs)

Pork & Spareribs

B.B.Q. Pork Spareribs 11.50
B.B.Q. Pork Slices 11.50
B.B.Q. Pork with Diced Vegetables and Almonds or Cashews 11.50
Spareribs with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce 12.50
Honey Garlic Spareribs 11.50
Honey Garlic Sauce 3.50


Steamed Rice 2.50
Plain Fried Rice 7.95
Mushroom Vegetable Fried Rice 8.95
Pork or Chicken Fried Rice 8.95
Shrimps or Beef Fried Rice 9.95
House Special Fried Rice
(Shrimp, BBQ Pork and Chicken)
Spicy Fried Rice
(Chicken and Vegetables)

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